Women's Ministry

Our vision, our desire, is to guide women closer to the heart of God, and while pursuing their relationship with Abba, they will discover His extraordinary plan to live abundant and gratifying lives! We aim to engage, encourage, and enrich the lives of women all ages through Bible study, fun gatherings, special events, and intentional discipleship.

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Latest News...

Ladies, we are so excited to share some upcoming news & plans we have for you all! Let's just jump in...


1. Upcoming Events

Go here to find a calendar for the next several months (August 2023 - April 2024). As you'll see, we've incorporated some fun fellowship times this year. Yes, we heard y'all! :) As the dates draw near, we will send out more detailed information. Some will have sign-ups (e.g. craft nights) & some won't (e.g. dinners). Let us make this clear, you are FREE to invite your friends/family members to ANY of our events! Matter of fact, we WANT you to! Especially those who are unchurched or unbelievers! Use these as an opportunity to reach out!  


2. Road Trip

We had a great time on our Dinner Road Trip at Company Supply!  Be on the look-out for our next Dinner Road Trip!

3. Aspire Women's Event

We are sooooo super excited about hosting Aspire Women's Event on April 21! It's ONE night for 3 HOURS that will include Author & Bible Teacher, Melissa Spoelstra (you may know her from her Lifeway Bible study materials or from a writer of Proverbs 31 Ministries), comedy, by Michelle Miller, and music by Mia Koehne. 

Event begins at 5:00 with doors opening for VIP at 4:00 and general public at 4:30. Tickets are $30 for general admission and $40 for VIP. Groups tickets of 10 or more are $25 each with VIP/reserved seating of 10 or more at $35 each. For more information & to order tickets, visit this site: ASPIREWOMENSEVENTS.com

4. Service Opportunities

We are on the lookout for an opportunity to serve our community. If you know of something that the ladies from our church can do together, let us know!



We are so looking forward to spending time with you all! As always, contact us with any questions, comments, or prayer requests. We find it an honor and joy to stand in the gap for you.


Much love,

Your Women's Ministry Team


The Forum...

What is The Forum?

Our forum will be a place where women can share their life experiences and unleash the healing power of God’s “hesed” as we find ways to respond to sisters in crisis. Our hope is that during our monthly forum, sisters will form deep, intimate relationships with their fellow sisters in Christ and ultimately find freedom from the unrealistic demands of the world’s “perfect” woman.

Our next meeting will be announced soon.

We NEED Your Input!

Let us know what you'd like to get on the calendar for women's ministry. Maybe another craft night (if so, give us some ideas!), a Bible study, hiking adventure, or...? Let us know your thoughts! Email us @ fbccochranwomen@gmail.com

Our ministry team:

Melissa Blankenship

Crystal Collins

Andrea Floyd

Devan Garrett

Cindy Pritchett

Lisa Rogers

Feel free to get in touch with any of our women's ministry team for specific prayer requests, ideas, questions, or comments. Call the church office for direct contact information.