Women's Ministry

Our vision, our desire, is to guide women closer to the heart of God, and while pursuing their relationship with Abba, they will discover His extraordinary plan to live abundant and gratifying lives! We aim to engage, encourage, and enrich the lives of women all ages through Bible study, fun gatherings, special events, and intentional discipleship.

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Latest News...

We so much enjoyed our last gathering together with Lysa TerKeurst and Vertical Worship! There is something about gathering with friends, both new & old, laughing, encouraging, and learning from one another. And let's not forget listening to some good worship music! {insert raised hands}

If you have not taken time to look into Ramsey+ for your family's finances, you are missing out! With gas prices rising (along with seemingly everything else!), now is a great time to get your finances in order. Again, this is a FREE resource for you! Ramsey+ - The needs of each individual family are different, but there are certain things we all need help with. One of those areas is our finances. We know God cares about what we do with our money, but sometimes we need more than information—we need a plan and tools to help us. Many of you may know about Dave Ramsey, his journey from losing everything to discovering God’s (and grandma’s) ways of handling money, and his class called Financial Peace University. Now, the folks at Ramsey Solutions have a brand-new, all-access membership called Ramsey+. It’s got content, tools and resources that will help us learn the simple plan to handle money, budget to become better stewards of what God has given us, and track our progress so we can live and give God’s way. Use this link to create your account: 


This is our church’s unique passcode link that allows you to get into Ramsey+ for free for the entire 2022 YEAR. 

We NEED Your Input!

Let us know what you'd like to get on the calendar for women's ministry. Maybe another craft night (if so, give us some ideas!), a Bible study, hiking adventure, or...? Let us know your thoughts! Email us @ fbccochranwomen@gmail.com

Our ministry team:

Andrea Floyd

April Green

Joyce Mickle

Pebbles Pittman

Gayle Rustin

Feel free to get in touch with any of our women's ministry team for specific prayer requests, ideas, questions, or comments. Call the church office for direct contact information.