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Welcome to the student ministry page of First Baptist Church, Cochran! As you scroll down, you will find information pertaining to our Sunday School small groups (along with weekly parent letters and devotions for the material discussed each week); Sunday afternoon small groups, discipleship class, and Bible drill; as well as Wednesday night small groups (also with with weekly parent letters and devotions pertaining to material discussed each week). 


Youth Sunday School is highlighted by an all-star cast of Sunday School teachers.  These teachers truly care about and invest in the lives of the students they teach and that investment extends beyond just the hours of Sunday morning Sunday School.  All classes have their own personality and are involved in things that represent that personality.  The hope for Sunday School is that students have a safe place to wrestle with questions.  That they learn what the Bible teaches and get to journey together on what it looks like to follow Jesus.  That they share in community with one another even when that means that they're not getting along.  And mainly, that as they are loved that they in turn begin to walk on the journey of what Jesus means when he says we are to Love God and Love People. This year, we are discovering the thread of the Gospel through the big-picture story of the Bible. This Bible study teaches about the big picture of Scripture. Many teenagers don't have a grasp on the narrative of the Bible. Key characters. Key events. Few teenagers understand how these elements fit into the story of God and His people. Students learn what the Gospel is and how it courses through the narrative of Scripture. Students will see it is a story of unfailing love, as God seeks from the beginning of Creation to draw humankind to Him through the grace of the Gospel.

Sunday School starts at 10:15 AM in the Youth House Garage on Third Street

Click here for this week's parent letter about our lesson.

Here are some devotions to go along with our lesson from Sunday morning.

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Youth sunday Afternoon

There are several opportunities for students to grow on Sunday afternoon. At 4:30, Bible Drill is taught. An apologetics class is taught at 5:30. Our apologetics class is currently going through the study, "Cold Case Christianity" by J. Warner Wallace. There are also various small groups that meet at the 5:30 hour as well. 

Wednesday NIght Bible Study


For a relationship that’s supposed to trump all others, our students’ relationship with Jesus can sometimes be hit or miss. This doesn’t make them wrong or bad. It simply makes them human. Part of learning to follow Jesus is learning what the faith that forms the foundation of this relationship looks like. The good news? Jesus had a lot to say about this faith. Jesus And Your Faith looks at four examples of Jesus’ teachings on faith. Students will understand exactly what faith in Christ is supposed to look like; how this faith impacts their lives; and how their faith is a vehicle for impacting the world in Jesus’ name.

Parents, click here for an overview letter about our study on Jesus And Your Faith.

Wednesday Bible Study starts at 6:30 in the  

Youth House on Third Street.