sunday night praxis

Praxis is defined as "the gap between theory and practice."  All too often we can become well versed on the "theories" of what Jesus calls us to but we struggle with actually putting them into "practice."  Closing that gap is the hope for Sunday Night Praxis.  This is a night that we come together at the Hangar and spend time with other students from around Cochran for a time of food and games.  The schedule always looks a little bit different but the theme is always the same.  We're learning how to love one another and how to love the world around us.  It can be a bit chaotic at times and it'll likely pull people out of their comfort zones, but Jesus said that we can expect as much when we're following him.  The Hangar doors open around 5:30 and we'll be done around 6:30.  However, students are welcome to stay and hang out until 7:30.

Youth sunday school

Youth Sunday School is highlighted by an all-star cast of Sunday School teachers.  These teachers truly care about and invest in the lives of the students they teach and that investment extends beyond just the hours of Sunday morning Sunday School.  All classes have their own personality and are involved in things that represent that personality.  The hope for Sunday School is that students have a safe place to wrestle with questions.  That they learn what the Bible teaches and get to journey together on what it looks like to follow Jesus.  That they share in community with one another even when that means that they're not getting along.  And mainly, that as they are loved that they in turn begin to walk on the journey of what Jesus means when he says we are to Love God and Love People. 

Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM in the Youth House on Third Street

Wednesday NIght Bible Study

If Sunday Night Praxis is a time for us to come together and put what we're learning into practice then Wednesday Night Bible Study is the time that we're actually doing that learning.  Much like Sunday School, Wednesday nights are shaped by the strength of the adult leaders.  Students are divided up by grades and each group of students has multiple adults that help lead and guide discussion on what we're studying.  It is a great time of listening but also a great time of students being given a voice so that we can wrestle through what Jesus teaches and what that actually means for our lives.  Although none of us has all of the answers our desire is to help students wade through the waters of asking the questions.

Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal starts at 5:15

Wednesday Bible Study starts at 6:30 in the  

Youth House on Third Street.