Family ministry

First Baptist Church Cochran wants to put an emphasis on encouraging and resourcing the family to be what God intended it to be. That is...

1. God Honoring - We are to honor God in all that we do (1 Corinthians 10:31).

2. Disciple Making - We are called to make disciples of all nations but more importantly our children and families (Proverbs 22:6).

3. Resourcing - The family is the nucleus of the Christian Life, so resourcing families to be able to be what God has called them to be is our goal.

We look forward to serving all the families that come through the doors of FBC Cochran! Whether a family of Empty Nesters, Legacy Builders, or a family of 5 young kids, we want to be able to be a resource for all that your family needs!

Resources for families

  • Right now Media

    Right Now Media is a online based library of many different devotionals, videos, Bible Study lessons that are all in once place! You can type in a question or a topic and there will likely be a resource available for you! 

  • Dave Ramsey Plus

    Dave Ramsey is well known in the financial world as one who has created many helps to those needing to get their finances together. What some people don't know about Dave Ramsey is that he is devoutly Christian and has based all his principles on finances on Biblical standards. He has created a suite of programs/budgeting tools to help people! FBC Cochran wants to emphasize that Biblical Financial tools are an essential part of worship. We can help with this and if you would like more information just click on the icon to the left and reach out to Pastor Ryan for more information!